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Welcome to the Meat Me in the Junction Holiday Order Form!

For any 'Special Holiday Items' Please order as early as you can to ensure we are able to get you what you would like! Some of these items will only be available in limited quantities. 'Special Holiday Items' includes anything under the Holiday Meats and Treats section on the order form.

Christmas Turkeys and Holiday Meats - Order due dates:

  • Holiday Hams, Beef Roasts and Lamb is Friday November 26th
  • Christmas Turkeys is Thursday December 9th.

We are now taking orders for:

    • Whole Turkey, Half Turkey, Turkey Breast Roasts - naturally raised, drug-free and fed GMO-free feed
      Old fashioned ham - bone-in, partially smoked
    • Smoked Hams - boneless, fully cooked
    • Beef roasts - Prime Rib, Top Sirloin, Tenderloin
    • Lamb Racks and Legs
    • and more…

Scroll down to the Holiday Meats & Treats section of the form for more info!

Delivery to Mississauga, Oakville & Etobicoke is available this cycle and will be on Monday December 20th between 10 am and 3pm.

To place an order: Fill in your Contact Info, Delivery Preference, and quantity of each product you would like to order in the box beside the item. Click Submit Order at the bottom of the form. You will receive an automated email to confirm your order shortly after you click Submit Order.

Thanks and Happy Holiday Planning!  - Bria & John

COVID19 No Contact Delivery
To support recommendations to maintain social distancing during this time we have ‘No Contact Delivery’. We will leave your order outside your door then knock or send you a text message once your order is outside your door. Please note that delivery minimums of $150-$200 apply depending on location.

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Holiday Meats and Treats!
Snyder's Heritage Farm Christmas Turkey

The due date to order turkeys is Thurs Dec 9th.

Snyder's Heritage Farms Turkeys are humanely raised in a free-run environment. They are drug-free and fed non-GMO grains that are grown by the Snyder’s themselves!  Turkeys are flash frozen.

Size of Turkey

Holiday Hams

The due date to order hams will be: Fri Nov 26th.

Holiday Hams are made from local antibiotic-free and hormone-free pork and are smoked by the folks at J-Mar. The bone-in Old Fashioned hams are partially smoked and the boneless Smoked hams are fully smoked/cooked.

Smoked Hams
Old Fashioned Ham
Roasts - Turkey, Beef & Lamb
Special Holiday Treats!
100% Grass Fed Beef - Nature's Choice Farm

Featured Farm - Mark and Mary Martin's Nature's Choice Farm. Ontario 100% grass fed and finished Black Angus/Highland crossed beef. Naturally raised and fed strictly perennial pasture grasses and hay. GMO free, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and steroid-free. This beef is seasonal - available while quantities last!.

100% Grass Fed Steaks
100% Grass Fed Roasts
Poultry - Chicken

Ontario Free-run. No antibiotics. No hormones. VacPacked and frozen.

Poultry - Turkey

Ontario Free-run. No antibiotics. No hormones.

Sausages, Patties and More

To see the ingredients for each item hover over the little blue heart.

Burger Patties

All burgers/patties are gluten-free and easy to make as you simply cook from frozen.


All sausages are gluten free with zero fillers... just great meats and seasoning!

and More!

Ontario naturally raised beef. No antibiotics. No hormones.

Steaks – Premium: 1¼ inch cut

Ontario naturally raised beef. No antibiotics. No hormones.

Steaks – Marinating/Braising:

Ontario naturally raised beef. No antibiotics. No hormones.

Roasts: *Please specify for larger sizes

Please specify if you would like a larger roast than 3-4lbs.

Ontario naturally raised beef. No antibiotics. No hormones.

Beef Misc Items

Ontario naturally raised beef. No antibiotics. No hormones.


Ontario naturally raised pork. No antibiotics. No hormones.


Ontario naturally raised lamb. No antibiotics. No hormones.

Fish & Seafood

Fish selections are chosen based on sustainability, healthfulness and deliciousness. To see more information on each seafood product hover you mouse over the small blue heart beside the description.

All fish products will arrive frozen and vacuum packed. 

Freezer to Oven to Table...

We continue to search out delicious oven-ready foods. In this section of the form we will introduce new items. Some products we may only have for a limited time.

Frozen Entrees

Frozen  entrees made for Meat Me in the Junction. They’re delicious and easy to just grab out of the freezer and pop in the oven when you get home. Ready for the table in about one hour!

Savoury Pies from That Pie Place

That Pie Place is a family owned and operated company that has been producing high-end quality savoury pies and food since 1983. They use local drug-free meats and fresh produce which are prepared by hand from washing, peeling, to cutting. Only natural wholesome ingredients are used.

Condiments Etc.